CBD for the Vestibular Patient Book Hits the Market

August 13, 2020, Clearwater, Florida – Patient’s suffering from vestibular related health issues now have a new resource to run to for potential help. Dr. Mark Knoblauch, a clinical assistant professor in the Master of Athletic Training program at the University of Houston, has released his new textbook titled, “CBD for the Vestibular Patient”. Dr. Knoblauch is the author of several books and is a frequent national speaker on the topic of vestibular disorders.

In his book, published by Kiremma Press in 2020, Dr. Knoblauch outlines the connection between the endocannabinoid system of the body and the vestibular system while simultaneously dispelling cannabis fact from fiction. ”As a vestibular patient myself, I am well aware of the wealth of anecdotal information out there surrounding treatments and cures”, Dr. Knoblauch noted.  “My goal with this book is to provide the reader factual information that empowers them to make the most informed decisions for their health”.  

Dr. Jeff Konin, founder of PHD420, Inc, wrote the foreward for the book, and in doing so eloquently stated, “Dr. Knoblauch captures all of the critical pieces of information required for a patient with a vestibular disorder to make an educated decision about his or her use of CBD as a treatment intervention”.   

“One of my major reasons in writing this book is to help the reader better understand the facts about CBD given there is so much misinformation available”, Dr. Knoblauch emphasized.  “Although the book is targeted toward vestibular patients, those just seeking more information about CBD will benefit from the information as well”.

The book has received strong reviews thus far and can be ordered on Amazon for a reasonable cost. 

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May 30, 2020, Clearwater, Florida – Dr. Jeff G. Konin, CEO and Founder of PHD420, Inc, a non-for-profit company focusing its efforts on cannabis education and research, is pleased to announce the winner of inaugural Health Care Student Writing Scholarship. Sydney Berger, a second-year physician assistant student at the A.T. Still University Arizona School of Health Sciences in Mesa, Arizona. Sydney will receive $1,000 toward her professional education.

Sydney’s paper, “The Dangers of Vaping”, was thoughtful, thorough, and informative according to the contest judges. When asked why she chose to submit a paper for this scholarship, Sydney stated, “I was motivated to submit an essay on this topic because I had very little knowledge about the effects of vaping and felt like it would be very useful information to understand for my career and future patients.”

PHD420, Inc Announces Scholarship Winner

Sydney chose the PA profession as she has always had a strong desire to help individuals with their health, primarily in educating them on conservative treatment options prior to more invasive ones. Her faculty advisor at AT Still University, Amy Wing, notes, "Sydney has shown great interest and investment in her studies and has maintained a positive attitude through a variety of challenges. Given her exposure to underserved and medically complex populations in Wichita Falls, where she completed her clinical studies, it is anticipated that Sydney will bring a special understanding to her work with patients throughout her career. She is well positioned to recognize and serve the most vulnerable among us as she assists in working through various health-related challenges."

Congratulations are extended to Sydney Berger on a job well done!

PHD420, Inc Announces Scholarship for Health Care Professional Students

April 20, 2020, Clearwater, Florida – Dr. Jeff G. Konin, CEO and Founder of PHD420, Inc, a non-for-profit company focusing its efforts on cannabis education and research, is pleased to announce the inaugural Health Care Student Writing Scholarship. The annual scholarship will be awarded to a student whose writing reflections best exemplify an awareness of appropriate cannabis use. The winner will receive a certificate of recognition and a $1,000 check directly applied toward one’s tuition or educational loan.

To be eligible, a student must be actively enrolled in an accredited clinical-based healthcare degree program at the graduate degree level (AT, PT, OT, PA, Nursing, etc…).


2020 Theme: The dangers of vaping.

Writing Guidelines:

Submit a written paper that highlights the dangers of vaping. The paper should focus on all aspects that are likely impacted, to include but not necessarily limited to physical health, safety, mental health, socioeconomics, etc… 

  • 1200-1500 words (number of pages not important)

  • Type-written, double-spaced, 12-point font Calibri (Body)

  • Number each page with cover page starting as page 1

  • Cover page including full name, name of school, healthcare discipline, date, title of paper

  • The paper should be organized in category sub-headings as follows:

    • Introduction

    • Main Concerns with Vaping (can have multiple sub-categories here)

    • Primary Impact to an Individual

    • Primary Impact on Society

    • Summary

    • References

  • The paper should include no less than 5 references APA style

  • Submitted in both word and pdf format

  • Files should be labeled as follows authors last Vaping.name.year.discipline 

    • example: Vaping.Smith.2020.OT

Complete manuscript submissions should be emailed directly to phd420inc@gmail.com and received no later than 5pm on Friday, May 8th, 2020. The email subject line should read: 2020 Vaping Contest.  In the email itself, please share an introductory paragraph about yourself, your interest in the topic of cannabis, and what compelled you to participate in this contest.

All submissions will be rated based on guidelines stated above. A winner will be announced no later than June 1, 2020. Winners will be recognized on the website, have the winning essay publicly posted, and receive a $1,000 check applied directly to tuition or educational loan.

Submission of manuscript via email acknowledges one’s consent for voluntary participation and agrees to PHD420 Inc. marketing and promotion of the submitted content with student recognition. Winners also to agree to provide appropriate and accurate information for scholarship fund payment directly to one’s educational institution or loan agency.

Dr. Jeff Konin is recognized with the inaugural Joshua Stone Innovation Award

Tulsa, Oklahoma, February 14, 2020 – Ceo & Founder of PHD420, Inc. Dr. Jeff G. Konin was recognized as the inaugural recipient of the Joshua Stone Innovation Award. Adam Halpern, CEO of Innovate AT, and a longtime friend of Josh, presented the award to Dr. Konin, and noted “You’re a better person if you knew Josh and Jeff is well deserving of the honor”.

The award is given annually “to an individual who exemplifies the characteristics of Joshua Stone: A creative and thoughtful athletic trainer whose perseverance, foresight, and humor made a professional difference in the lives of many”. 

In accepting the award, Dr. Konin emotionally stated, “I don’t have enough words to describe my feelings - the Joshua Stone Innovation Award. This will be displayed proudly where others can see it and I can tell them all about Josh. Thank you Adam Halpern and Shagra Thomas Stone.”